Creating a better world through neuroscience

Our Vision:

To use physiological and neurological biomarkers to assess the risk and reduce the likelihood that predatory individuals will victimize and harm children

Our Methodology: The VASI

The VASI is an objective physiological evaluation designed to capture and measure specific visual fixation responses associated with sexualized interest.

Utilizing sophisticated eye gaze technology, the VASI captures and records visual activity as the individual views neutral and test stimuli.

Each test stimulus contains images of individuals from both sexes and represents each Tanner Scale of sexual development.

Specific Visual fixation responses associated with sexualized interest are identified and then combined using an algorithm into a Visual Fixation Response specific to gender and age group based on the Tanner Scale of sexual development.

Benefits of Using the VASI


  • The VASI uses eye-tracking technology to objectively measure gaze behavior related to sexual interest.
  • Minimal System Requirements
  • Typical assessment time less than 25 minutes
  • Test administrator does not need specific certification and does not have access to results 
  • Results are sent directly to clinician
  • Interpretation of results performed individually by a licensed Ph.D.
  • Internet connection is not required at time of testing, perfect for jail assessment
  • Only non-offensive images are presented 
  • Client literacy is not required 
  • Only eye movement is required; thus, physical impaired clients can be tested
  • Recognized by TSOTB fee waiver
  • Admissible in TN court 
  • On site testing can be performed by a HemispheresNeuro technician if requested